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Park City Council Meeting Summary June 6, 2019

Post Date:06/12/2019 3:18 PM




Discussion Regarding Historic Park City Alliance (HPCA) Contract Renewal
City Council discussed the renewal of the Historic Park City Alliance contract regarding amendments to the scope of services for the Historic Park City Alliance (HPCA) Business Improvement District (BID), specifically surrounding trash maintenance and parking. City Council supported amendments and the reinstatement of a one year contract.
HPCA Contract Renewal Staff Report
Exhibit A: Historic Main Street Business Alliance Contract
Exhibit B: HPCA Contract - Redlined Scope of Services

Exhibit C: HPCA Contract - Blacklined Scope of Services
Exhibit D: BID Zone Map


2019-2020 City Manager’s Recommended Budget: Presentation and Review
Staff clarified a few outstanding items outlined in the budget, including the redlined version of the fee schedule, amended budget policies, Council compensation, special services contracts, and any additional changes requested by Council. The budget has been a reoccurring item, as approval is sought over several consecutive weeks of budget review during public meetings.
Budget Staff Report
Exhibit A: Redlined Fee Schedule Changes
Exhibit B: Fee Schedule Resolution
Exhibit C:  Redlined Budget Policy Changes
Exhibit D: Special Service Contract Funding Recommendations and Graph
Exhibit E: Council Compensation Ordinance


Discussion Regarding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Summit County Health Department for Continued Financial Contributions with Regard to Mental Health Services
At the May 30 Council meeting, Council requested a work session to have an in-depth conversation regarding mental health services with Summit County. Topics included funding a strategic plan rather than a position, developing an understanding of how the current position is funded and what other funding sources are included and from whom. There was additional discussion about the philosophy behind mental health services in Summit County and how they are applied and allocated to Park City residents and those seeking or needing services.
Mental Wellness Staff Report
Exhibit A: Mental Health MOU
Job Description





Police Complaint Review Committee Appointment
City Council appointed Deanna Rhodes and Thomas Horton (alternate) to the Police Complaint Review Committee for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2019. The PCRC acts as an advisory body, which reviews complaints filed against police personnel and/or police procedure.
Police Complaint Review Committee Staff Report



Backhoe Report – June 2019
City staff presented the June 2019 Backhoe Report to Council. The Backhoe Report is a summary of construction projects in the Park City area throughout the summer months and is a valuable piece of information for residents and businesses looking for information about projects in their neighborhood and around town. Printed copies are available at City Hall, Park City Library, and PC MARC, and also the Senior Center. Council suggested that, in an effort to make the report easier to read, it might be worth organizing by neighborhood or by area within the City.
Backhoe Staff Report
Backhoe Report - June 2019


Historic District Design Guidelines Task Force
On May 16, 2019, City Council approved Ordinance 2019-06, amending the Design Guidelines for Historic Districts and Historic Sites. In order to address concerns regarding guidelines and process complexity, the City Council requested a task force to further analyze both the guidelines and the related permitting process. City staff suggested Task Force members, which includes architects, contracts/builders, and City staff. City Council suggested that it would be beneficial to have a preservationist serve on the Committee, as well as more resident representation. Councilmember Worel will act as the Council Liaison.
Historic District Design Guidelines Task Force Staff Report


Spring Runoff Update
Runoff is steady, and there are no major concerns at this time. Should residents or businesses have concerns about runoff, they may pick up sand bags as needed at the Public Works Building, 1053 Iron Horse Drive.
Spring Runoff Update



City Council received public input that expressed both support and concerns regarding the City’s affordable housing developments and goals.



Council approved the following item from the consent agenda after discussion:

  • Referral of the appeal of the Woodside Park, Phase II Conditional Use Permit and/or Master Planned Development approved on May 23, 2019, to the Board of Adjustment pursuant to Land Management Code 15-1-18(C).
    Woodside Park Phase II Appeal Staff Report



Council approved the following new business items:

  • Ordinance 2019-32, approving the Woodside Park Subdivision Plat- Phase II, located at 1323 Woodside Avenue, 1361 Woodside Avenue, 1302 Norfolk Avenue, and 1330 Empire Avenue in Park City. This is for the City’s Woodside Park, Phase II affordable housing development. On May 22, 2019, the Planning Commission reviewed the proposed Plat Amendment and forwarded a unanimous positive recommendation to City Council.
    Woodside Park Phase II Staff Report and Ordinance

    Exhibit A: Proposed Plat

    Exhibit B: Survey

    Exhibit C: Site Photographs

  • Resolution 12-2019, re-adopting the Fee Schedule; and replacing and repealing Resolution 31-2018 in its entirety. This item was approved with a language amendment.
    Fee Resolution FY20.docx
    Redlined Fee Schedule

  • Ordinance 2019-31, establishing compensation for the Mayor, City Council, and Statutory Officers for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.
    Council Compensation Ordinance

  • Resolution 13-2019, adopting the Revised Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, effective July 1, 2019, for Park City Municipal Corporation.
    Personnel Policies Staff Report and Resolution

  • Requested Elevated Level of Service (RELS) related to the maintenance of landscaping within the park strip on Prospector Avenue and Gold Dust Lane with an estimated budget increase of $9,540.68 per year. This expense is to beautify the Prospector Drive corridor, an expense that was not initially included in the scope of work for the Prospector Drive improvements. Landscaping was at one point going to be the responsibility of Prospector Square Property Owners Association.
    Prospector Avenue Landscaping Staff Report

Council continued the following new business item:

  • Approval of the 2019-20 City Manager's Recommended Budget was continued to the June 20 Council meeting after public hearing was held. There was no public input.



  • Planning Commission: 6/12, 5:30 p.m. at City Hall
  • City Council: 6/20, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall
  • Planning Commission: 6/26, 5:30 p.m. at City Hall
  • City Council: 6/27, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall



Interested in tuning in to listen to the 6/6 Council meeting in its entirety? Visit the following link to access audio from the meeting. Audio from Park City Council meetings is now offered with closed captioning.

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This is an unofficial summary of the meeting. To read the official minutes; please visit the meetings page on the city's website. Minutes are posted once they are approved.

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