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Public Art Advisory Board Meeting

Public Art Advisory Board Agenda


Date: Monday, October 14, 2019

Meeting Place: Marsac Executive Conference Room – 3rd Floor, City Hall

Time: 5:00 p.m. to 7:20 p.m.

Electronic Participation: (Board Members must inform of 3 days prior to meeting) – none expected

Minutes: Minda Stockdale, Administrator for the Public Art Advisory Board (PAAB)

In attendance:

Absent: Alex Butwinski

Non-Voting Representatives/ Members of the Public:

Next Meeting Scheduled: Monday, November 11, 2019

Parking: Parking validations will be provided for meeting attendees that park in the China Bridge Parking Structure.


Topic #1: Call meeting to Order (5:00 p.m.)

Motion to Call Meeting or order:

Meeting called to order at:



Topic #2: Staff/ Council/ Board Communications (5:02 p.m.)

Butwinski will present collection favorite in November.
Request date for board review interior artwork in collection – Beth
PAAB Decorate for Spooky Transit Center Volunteer Request (and date selection) - Jenny



Topic #3: Public Comment: Any Items Not on Agenda (5:10p.m.)

Notes: Remind members of the public to sign in.



Topic #4: Approval of Minutes from meeting on 8/12/19 (5:15 p.m.)


Motion to Approve:



Topic #5: Update on Crosswalk & Bus Shelters Project for Spring/Summer 2020 (5:20 p.m.)

Person: Alexis Verson, Transportation Planner
Consider high-level overview from transportation staff regarding planning for crosswalk art and bus shelters in coordination with ongoing City projects.

Action requested: Board Discussion. Action is not currently requested.

Allocated time: 30 minutes



Topic #6: Establish next meeting & Board Business:  (5:50 p.m.)

Person: Jenny Diersen, Special Events & Economic Development Program Manager


  • Establish attendance and agenda for next meeting.

            Next Meeting – November 11, 2019 - 5:00 pm, Marsac Building

            Can attend:

            Cannot attend:

  • Community Engagement/Outreach – Assign December board collection favorite
  • Arts Council Update – 5 minutes –Leslie Chavez, Community Programs Coordinator, Arts Council
  • Summit County Public Art Advisory Board Update – 5 minutes

Allocated Time: 20 minutes



Topic #7: Budget Review & Project Updates (6:10 p.m.)

Person: Jenny Diersen

Purpose: Please review and be ready to address questions/comments as you have them.

  • Budget Review & Budget Request
    • Board will review current budget.
  • Project Updates – See Attachment
  • Inventory Project Scope
  • Neighborhood Art Program Research
  • Utility Boxes Phase 2. (Phase 1 completed – start phase 2 – ready for back to school/September (install in Spring)
  • Water Meter Project implementation – contract signed
  • Old Town Transit Tunnel Mural– Final approval & Implementation
  • Martinez Family Donation

Allocated Time: 40 minutes - review attachments and be ready to discuss/ ask questions.

Product: Review projects and update project timelines.

Action Requested: Board will review budget updates & project planning. Board may discuss items.

(1) Board Questions /Comments

(2) Open for Public Comment/Input

(3) Board final discussion and summary.

Notes: Item will be opened for public comment.



Topic #8: Establish Next Meeting Agenda (6:50 p.m.)

Person: Jenny Diersen

Allocated Time: 5 minutes

Product: Establish next meeting agenda

Action Requested: Items will include:


Call meeting to close: *Estimated adjournment at 7:00 p.m.

Important Dates:

November 11 – Next Regularly Scheduled PAAB meeting

December 9 – Regularly Scheduled PAAB meeting

January 13 - Regularly Scheduled PAAB meeting *Request to cancel on behalf of staff.

February 10 - Regularly Scheduled PAAB meeting

** Additional Special Meetings may be scheduled as needed.

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