Water Projects

Judge Pipeline Project
·        Trenching work continues along Lowell Avenue while crews work to install the pipeline.
·        Work is scheduled to begin near King Road in approximately two weeks.
·        A two day closure of the intersection at Lowell Avenue and Manor Way is anticipated during the week of May 12.  Area residents and businesses will be notified.
·        Realignment change order scheduled for May 8  City Council meeting.

Wyatt Earp Way Improvements
·        Work continues on filter station.  Scheduled to be in service mid-May.
·        Milling and overlay of the entire section of Wyatt Earp is anticipated for mid-May.  Closure of Wyatt Earp for paving work and traffic controls for manhole and valve adjust will occur.  Area residents will be notified. 

Quinns Junction Irrigation Filter Station

·        The filter station construction site cleanup is currently underway and scheduled to be complete June 1.

Rossi Hill Waterline Replacement
·        Currently advertised for bids.  Bid opening May 21.

Top of Main PRV Station Replacement
·        In design and approval process.  Contractor prequalification advertisement scheduled for May 3.  Construction scheduled for after Arts Festival.
·        Preparing CUP submittal for SCADA antenna. 

Surprise and Pinnacle PRV Upgrades
·        Preparing CUP submittal for SCADA antenna. 

Estates Drive Waterline Replacement
·        Project scheduling determination May 3.

Meter Repair Project
·        Change order scheduled for May 8, 2014 City Council meeting.

For more information, contact Roger McClain via email, or call 435-640-7435